The Best VR Headsets You Can Buy Right Now

New York, New York – ( NewMediaWire[1] ) – October 11, 2020 – VR Insights Media LLC, the owner of The VR Reviews, is pleased to announce the best VR headsets[2] available on the market right now. As a leading digital publication and pioneer in the VR space, The VR Reviews will bring their expertise to headset selection and announce the winners of each VR headset sub-category every year.

Here are the winners for 2020:

1.  Best Standalone: Oculus Quest[3]

2.  Best for PC: Valve Index[4]

3.  Best Easy-To-Set-Up for PC: Oculus Rift S[5]

4.  Best for Console: Sony PlayStation VR[6]

5.  Best for Mobile: Samsung Gear VR[7]

“What are the best VR headsets for me to buy right now? That’s a question what everyone keeps asking from us, and fortunately, we have an answer to that,” said Tyler Wright, Manager of The VR Reviews, from VR Insights Media LLC. “We are passionate about the developments in the VR space and we want to see that industry to succeed and exceed the expectations of the growth in coming years.”

As a digital publication which can reach out to millions of users of VR products, they want to contribute and give back to the VR industry. “We are constantly working together with several VR headset manufactures and games development studios. As we have a team of VR enthusiasts who have used most of the VR headsets ever made, our reviews and feedback can be quite objective. Also, we can give them direct feedback what the end-users are actually looking for in new headsets or games and provide them with new ideas about new features or functions that they can consider developing in the future.”

Best VR Headsets

1. Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is our favorite of the VR headsets we’ve reviewed so far. It’s an excellent standalone headset and a perfect pick for casual to serious gamers who want to get the most out of the VR gaming.

Oculus Quest is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to use. It costs less than the most powerful VR headsets on the market and is an excellent value for your money. Oculus Quest offers a virtual experience that is profoundly interactive and immersive, and you know what’s best? – It’s easy to use setup.

2. Valve Index

Enthusiasts’ ultimate and luxury VR headset. If you have a powerful PC, space for room-scale, and who want to experience the royal cutting-edge of finger-tracking input devices, then this headset is precisely for you. Although it’s on the higher end of the market and costs more than a thousand bucks, it comes with all the latest technological perks – 144Hz refresh rate, high-quality display, controllers with straps more. Using this Valve Index headset literally sets you free.

We can end the discussion right here by saying that Valve Index is the ultimate immersive virtual reality headset released ever so far.

3. Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S is a home-run if you’re looking for a headset for PC, but that’s also easy to use and setup. Although Valve Index is the best VR headset for PC, it’s costly and complicated to set up.

Oculus Rift S has superb motion tracking and fantastic display. It will give you a tremendous immersive virtual experience that is unforgettable.

4. Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR headset is an excellent choice for games. Although it did awesome in our tests, our ears wanted to well off later. This means that for most of the users, it isn’t probably comfortable for long-term use. Nevertheless, it’s a great headset, comfortable to use, and completely adjustable.

Be careful if you wear glasses – bigger glasses may scratch the lenses of the headset.

5. Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear headset is very comfortable and super immersive. It’s very straightforward to use, and the price is relatively affordable. Although it doesn’t offer the same degree of visual interactiveness that some other VR headsets on his list, it is still the best headset for Samsung users.

The full list of best VR headsets with more detailed information is available at The VR Reviews website. For more information, please visit[8].

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